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    HEAVY 100 Program

    $300.00 Join Now!

    Join this online group to get fit in 100 days. The registration fee will gain you access to a private Facebook group, where Brook will guide you through 100 days of:

    H: Heavy Dumbbell lifting (just 10 minutes a day!)

    E: Endurance aerobic activity outdoors (20 minutes a day)

    A: Abstain from alcohol

    V: Vegetables galore (non-starchy vegetables)

    Y: Yield screen time

    You will need a set of 8-20 lb. dumbbells, depending on your strength. Brook will give nutrition guidelines, healthy recipes, and zero-proof mixology (drink recipes without alcohol or added sugar). A Facebook account is required, as that is where the group will be conducted. This program runs from March 18 through June 25, 2024.

    You will be instructed on how to take measurements and progress photographs every other Wednesday during the program.

    Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive email details.

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    ebook – Sweat with Brook Benten

    $1.99 Buy the eBook!

    Sweat with Brook Benten is an ebook that’s part-memoir, part movement insipiration. It includes 11 chapters of Brook’s personal stories to inspire women to do hard things with gumption. It’s a girls’ trip that Brook hopes women will find relatable enough to climb in the car and be the Thelma to her Louise. 

    12 workouts are written within the book. 

    For video companions, see Sweat with Brook Benten (12 workout video library)

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    Audiobook – Sweat with Brook Benten

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    Brook Benten reads Sweat with Brook Benten, in this audiobook rendition of the story. 

    Keep listening after the book for a bonus 36-minute Run Like a Mother audio workout, only included with the audiobook. It is the workout you’ll find in hardcover and 12 workout video library, but without the motivational verbal cues (for those who want to run without the “rah rah”).

    Total Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

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    Hardcover- Sweat with Brook Benten (videos included)

    $29.99 Buy the Book!

    Sweat cannot be bought. It’s earned. Sweat means you survived something.

    Sweat with Brook Benten is where memoir meets movement. Brook Benten has served as an executive director, university lecturer, national fitness education presenter, workout DVD star and fitness model. She candidly tells her life’s stories, in puns and pieces.

    Hardcover includes over 6-hours of multimedia workout content.
    Running ᐧ Cycling ᐧ Dance ᐧ Strength ᐧ Kickboxing ᐧ Step ᐧ Kettlebell ᐧ HIIT ᐧ Yoga-Pilates ᐧ Barre ᐧ Foam Roller-Massage Ball Recovery

    Page Count: 124

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    Sweat with Brook Benten (12 video library)

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    Every workout in Sweat with Brook Benten is included in this one purchase. Want the videos bundled with the book? The hardcover version of the book includes the videos. Otherwise, purchase all 12 full-length workout videos here– for just $19.99! Warm-Up – Running – Cycling – Strength – Kickboxing – Step – Kettlebell – HIIT – Yoga-Pilates – Barre – Foam Rolling Recovery

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    Step Like a Mother 2

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    This workout is comprised of 5 combinations, showcasing Brook’s dancy “mom moves.”  Expect mom swagger, mom humor, and a fun workout!  Moms and non-moms, let your free flag fly and enjoy this sweet escape-of-a -workout!  The video concludes with a 10-minutes stretch.
    This is not the “Step Like a Mother” included in Sweat Like a Mother book. Watch the trailer

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    HIIT Like a Mother 2

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    Using only a dumbbell, challenge your entire body in this half-hour workout. This type of workout is the most effective mode of exercise to boost your metabolism and get you in serious shape. The workout has very high intervals and less intense low intervals. There are only two 50-second resting recoveries in this physically demanding session.
    This is not the “HIIT Like a Mother” included in Sweat Like a Mother book.

    Total Running Time: 37:00
    Equipment: 1 medium dumbbell and 1 heavy dumbbell
    Recorded Date: December 2020

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    High Volume Intensity Kettlebell

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    This high intensity, low impact workout will supercharge your metabolism while being kind on your joints! Begin with a thorough tutorial to set the stage for safe kettlebell technique. Next, warm-up with bodyweight only. Then, pick up a “heavy-for-you” kettlebell (Brook uses a 12kg/26lb bell), and things get REAL! Challenge strength and cardio in a non-stop 18-minute ladder. Next, swing, high pull, and snatch your way through a Tabata. If you have a little gas left at the end, try your hand at the 3-minute Bonus challenge: an inverted ladder of push-ups and snatches! Brook possesses RKC, SFG I, and SFG II credentials. Watch the trailer

    Total Running Time: 38:17
    Equipment: 1 heavy kettlebell
    Recorded Date: August 2020

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    All-Terrain Race Ride

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    This indoor ride simulates a real road race on a stationary bike. There is no warm-up and no cool-down, just like there wouldn’t be in a real race experience. This is a straight-up, start to finish, race on the bike! The race includes heavy hills, fast flats, and everything in-between. The video entails a brief intro, then a 45-minute race which kicks things off, right off the bat, on a hill climb!
    Hydrate, rest, fuel up, then saddle up for a ride designed to elicit a higher level of human performance.

    Total Running Time: 46:30
    Equipment: any indoor cycling bike
    Recorded Date: December 2020

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    Cycle Strong

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    In one session, get cardio and strength training. Spend the first half of this workout on the bike. By the time your booty is ready to get off of the saddle, the bike portion will be over and you’ll be moving to the floor for strength training with bodyweight and one set of dumbbells.

    Total Running Time: 51:51
    Equipment: any indoor cycling bike and one set of dumbbells
    Recorded Date: September 2020

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    Step: Shimmy & Pump

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    Some like it dancy, some like it athletic. Step fanatics on both sides will resonate with this BRAND NEW 7-combo Step workout! The warm-up combines floor and bench moves that will have you moving and grooving in “shimmy” fashion. Two Step combos then follow suit, with dancy choreography. The next three Step combos fire up the furnace with fierce athletic choreography. The final two Step combos return to dancy choreography. With two shimmies, three pumps, and another two shimmies, you get the best of both styles in this nearly one-hour workout! There is no stretch chapter in the video, so be sure to stretch on your own after the workout! Watch the trailer

    Total Running Time: 52:37
    Equipment Needs: a bench
    Recorded Date: October 2020

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    Rock & Roll

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    We know, it’s only Rock & Roll but you’ll like it! This hybrid format blends Pilates Mat with Foam Rolling. Experience traditional Pilates Mat exercises, developed by Joseph H Pilates, such as roll-ups, hundreds, roll-like-a-ball, and more. Between and among Pilates moves, work in myofascial release for tight areas, such as quads, glutes, calves, IT bands, and hamstrings. Conclude this total body strength, flexibility, and recovery session with a deeply relaxing full-back massage finish. Watch the trailer

    Total Running Time:  51-minutes
    Equipment: 1 mat, 1 dense foam roller
    Recorded Date: August 2020

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