Sweat with Brook Benten

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Audiobook purchasers receive a special gift: Run Like a Mother audio bonus!

This book is part-memoir, part workout inspiration. Brook opens up about her life to inspire women to do hard things with gumption. But also to nurture and protect themselves with tender care, like a mother.

Sold separately from the ebook (included with the hardcover) are:

  • Run Like a Mother (audio & video interval workouts)
  • Cycle Like a Mother (audio & video interval workouts)
  • Dance Like a Mother (Cardio Dance video workout)
  • Barre Like a Mother (Bodyweight Barre video workout)
  • Fight Like a Mother (Cardio Kickboxing video workout)
  • Be Strong Like a Mother (Dumbbell Strength wkout video)
  • HIIT Like a Mother (High Intensity Interval Training video)
  • Step Like a Mother (Step Aerobics video workout)
  • Kettlebell Like a Mother (Hardstyle Kettlebell wkout video)
  • Yoga-Pilates Like a Mother (Yoga Flow & Pilates Mat video)
  • Recover Like a Mother (Foam Rolling video)

Hot new release!

Let's Get You Well

Brook Benten is a world-renowned fitness teacher, wellness guide, and motivational speaker.

She wants you to be well, not just because it’s good for you. She wants you well because it’s good for everybody. 

  • One-on-One personal training (Austin, TX)
  • Remote personal training and life coaching
  • Nutrition and wellness counseling
  • Pop-up group fitness classes, on location
  • Sober life coaching (life, not “dry Jan”)
  • Wellness travel writing
  • Fitness/wellness/lifestyle freelance articles
  • Kettlebell coaching and instructor training
  • Healthy lifestyle program design
  • Conference presentations, including keynote
  • Podcast guest
  • Book signings
  • Marketing event presentations
  • Book club guest
  • Mentor for aspiring fitness video stars and book writers
Brook Benten Kettlebell
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