The Highly Sensitive Child

Highly sensitive people (,HSP) experience life with all five senses on overdrive. I have researched ,this over the past few years, and find it fascinating. Highly sensitive people wear their hearts on their sleeve Until I was in my late 30s, I knew something was different about me, but couldn’t really figure out what it …

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Us

Happy Galentine’s Day. To every woman reading this, you are strong, smart, capable, resilient, and beautiful beyond the size of your britches. This one’s for the girls Happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s! Every Wednesday, we spotlight a woman doing amazing things in the world. Today, that woman is you. You have overcome every obstacle life has ever …

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Norwegian Bliss: A Mom’s Getaway for Dining, Wining, and Racecar Driving

As a mother, I delight in my children. But being perpetually at their beckoned call is a lot for anyone. It’s not unreasonable to need some time off. As a fitness professional, I preach that you cannot live in fight-or-flight at all times; the sympathetic nervous system needs to turn off and the parasympathetic nervous …

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BB Well Workout 6: Core

Every T/Th in January, I’m releasing a new workout video, as part of the BB Well Challenge. Here’s today’s: 8-Min Core & Push-Ups. It’s a little bit double-stated, because push-ups are core. But they’re also chest, shoulders, triceps wonderfulness! If I had to pick only one exercise you do the rest of my life, it …

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