BB Well Well Workout 8: Mini Band

A mini band can pack a mighty punch to the booty. Enjoy this 6 move Mini Band circuit. Spend 0:40 on each exercise. One circuit through will get you through 4-minutes. Take a quick swig of water and repeat for a second set.

You’ll benefit from the muscular and cardiovascular endurance in this brief workout. Observe each move through the brief video. Next, spend 40-seconds on each move. Break briefly. Repeat the series for a second circuit, 40-seconds each move. Then, drop the mic; you’re done!

Exercise 1: Step, Together, Step, Abduct
Benefit: The side of your booty

Exercise 2: Star Jumps

Benefit: The side of your booty, shoulders, and cardio

Exercise 3: Hamstring Curls

Benefit: Hamstrings

Exercise 4: Plank Jacks

Benefit: The side of your booty, core, shoulders

Exercise 5: Plank March

Benefits: core, hip flexors

Exercise 6: Plank to Star Jump

Benefit: cardio, core, the side of your booty, shoulders

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