Podcast Episode 4 (128-154 steps/min)

Have you heard that training your body to do new things is like training a puppy? A puppy will sit on command or potty outside for a treat, a nuzzle, a cheap toy, or your attention. You are more resistant. You are like an old goat. In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about behaviors of goats, my own struggles in the past, behaviors that work for wellness, and Four Pillars to Make Healthy Habits Stick.

In episode three, we laid the foundation for this one, so tune in to that one for a great walk and a literal and figurative first step.

Join me on this passionate walk-and-talk, where the first 3:30 will be spent walking at 128 steps-per-minute (4 MPH), then accelerate to 154 steps-per-minute (5 MPH) for 5:30, and finish the rest of the 20 (eh, 25)-minute walk at 128 steps-per-minute.

Don’t miss the commentary after “done-zo.” It may have you pulling out your old Hammer pants and singing “You Can’t Touch This,” (referencing the aura that shines around you when you harness well-being… it’s bright, radiant, and untouchable).


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