Podcast- Episode 2 (130 steps/min)

Enjoy a low-impact power walk (stroller optional) at a pace of 132 steps per minute for 20-minutes for 2,600 steps covered while walking and talking with Brook Benten.

Embark on a 20-minute walk with Brook Benten at a pace of 4.2 miles per hour (a powerful power walk pace). Walk at 130 steps per minute (2,600 steps over the course of the podcast), with chitchat between us girls on all the things…

the art + science of group fitness workouts of yesteryear, music, the importance and perspective-shifting magic of rest, and the one vice Brook kicked and lost 18-pounds (her husband, Daniel, lost 25).

A few mentions in the podcast are Joyful Walking shoes by Ryka (not a paid endorsement; they just happen to be Brook’s favorite walking shoes) and Joyce Shulman, walking expert. Joyce is the host of The Weekly Walk podcast. Check out her TEDx Talk here.

Access this podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts.


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