This Model Explains The Brain and Behavior of Healthy Habits (Simply)

Season 2, Episode 9 of “More Than Sweat” podcast gives answers to why your motivation to change seems cyclical. Science says- it is!

Does this cycle sound familiar?
You think you may want to make a change.
Yes, you want to make a change.
You listen to podcasts, read books, buy healthy food, join a gym, and…
Take action-ish. You are doing things, but not sure if you’re doing the right things.
Time passes, you get frustrated and it still feels effortful, miles away from maintenance.
You give up and revert back to your old ways.

A model developed in 1977 explains the stages of behavioral change. The cycle above isn’t only relatable, it’s scientific. The Transtheoretical Model Stages of Change is what psychiatrists and psychologists use to assess where a patient is at in their readiness to change. From there, they know how to guide growth.

This podcast episode explains the model, simply.

If you find yourself in the preparation stage, I can walk with you through an action plan that will see you through to higher ground: maintenance.

Action is tough on your own because: 1. Action is tough (keeping it real, it is!). 2. There is inaccurate and contradictory information on the World Wide Web. 3. You’re not a nutritionist, trainer, nor exercise physiologist. 4. There’s more to health than what you’ve tried.
Here’s how this time will be different: 1. We can do hard things. 2. You won’t have multiple voices in your ear. You’ll have one. Mine. 3. I am a nutritionist, trainer, and exercise physiologist. 4. I have developed a well-being program that addresses all of you- not just the pounds you carry.

March 18 – June 25, 2024.
One hundred days of doable healthy action steps that will help you to feel and look your best. Registration is open now.

Here are details, enrollment, and my transformation photos from last year’s program. 

My results from HEAVY 100 March 13- June 20, 2023

You have a place in this program. It establishes tiny habits that build upon one another so that you achieve a healthy lifestyle that sticks. Even if you’ve cycled through the Transtheoretical Model stages a thousands times, when you join HEAVY 100, no one will ask what took you so long. As a supportive team, fellow members and I will simply say “We’re glad you’re here.”

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