The San Luis Resort and Spa for Unparalleled Luxury on Galveston Island

The San Luis Resort and Spa is a 32-acre Landry’s, Inc. property perched high on a hill on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, TX. It is the recipient of the AAA Four Diamond Award since 1999. Guests can expect lavish accommodations, breathtaking Gulf views, unmatched service and the finest award-winning dining.

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We arrived in swimsuits, shades, and sunscreen, barely able to contain our excitement over The Cove. “The Cove” is the resort’s jeweled crown for pool-dipping, hot tub-plunging, plush lounging, and Las Vegas-style swim-up bar.

A private cabana will make a relaxing day at The Cove even better. I knew my wild hooligans were going to want to watch TV, pop on and off of their devices, and have a server to keep Sprite flowing from the fountain. The lush cabana was an extra expense, but totally worth it.

Each cabana is equipped with a personal mini-fridge, variable-speed ceiling fan, flat-screen television, and complimentary poolside food and beverage offerings of fresh fruit, bottled water and a bottle of Prosecco.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

If you happen to be traveling without the kids, The Cove offers four secluded cabanas with their own private plunge pool. Those are exclusively available for guests 21-years-old and older. Those VIP cabanas looked absolutely serene. If you noticed my big brown Mom eyes giving you the stare down from afar, it was just jealousy. I’m sure you get it all the time. But, when my children are older and I’m able to access a 21+ cabana, kid-free, I’ll probably be giving melancholy eyes to the families with rascals in the cabanas below. Life is long, but the stages are short. Whatever cabana you’re in, carpe diem: seize the day.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

Across the street from the San Luis is the beach. I watched my husband run through the waves like he was still on the SMU Men’s Track Team (it’s been twenty years). I preferred the temperature-controlled Cove at The San Luis pool. But for those with a hankering for a saltwater dip in the waves, the Gulf of Mexico is right there for you.

The San Luis Resort & Spa is a Landry’s, Inc. property, so it should come as no surprise that restaurant options abound. Choose from The Steakhouse to Grotto, Blake’s Bistro, and Cup + Cone.

We chose Grotto– it was Italian fare done right. With house-made pasta dishes, Pollo Frances, Trio Tomato Pappardelle, and Snapper Siciliano, it was hard to choose a main dish. The gold champion, by my husband and me, was the Braised Pork Ragu & Pappardelle. Our children were smitten with the pizza, topped with ripe roma tomatoes and mozzarella. The Mezzanotte chocolate cake was a winner by all- one slice, four forks will satisfy the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

After a day of large lounging at the pool and consuming more carbs than I’ve consumed since Christmas, I needed a workout. The fitness center at The San Luis is adjacent to the spa. The guests receiving massages, hydrofacials, and body treatments, may not have appreciated the grunting from afar as I completed a 30-minute EMOM, but… sorry, not sorry. FitMoms up to here in family vacation mode need their workouts just as much as leisure guests need a spa treatment, maybe more.

This was the 30-min workout (“EMOM”= every minute on the minute) that I did with just a set of 20lb dumbbells:

4 chest-to-ground burpees

4 dumbbell thrusters

4 dumbbell triceps kickbacks

4 plyo donkey kicks (aka Rocky Balboas)

4 triceps push-ups

Expect only 5-10 seconds, tops, of rest before the top of the next minute.

Being a food and beverage company, Landry’s, Inc. is best known for caloric intake, not caloric deficit, but the San Luis Resort and Spa does have an intimate fitness center. There are a few treadmills, elipticals, and recumbent bikes for cardio, and an assorted set of dumbbells, from 5 to 20lbs. Everything is in working order, which cannot always be said for more robust fitness centers. Plus, like I always say, an able body is the best piece of fitness equipment any of us will ever own. In a pinch, you could do this same workout in your hotel room, just use luggage– here’s an example, using the ,Nokona Weekender for thrusters and two ,HydroJugs for kickbacks.

Music courtesy of Power Music Workout

It was a full day at The Cove, the beach, an Italian meal, and that pant-kicker workout. A good night of sleep was needed by all. Sleeping often evades me when I’m away from my bed and bedroom back home. But I slept soundly in the king bed at The San Luis Resort. Hubs slept like a rock next to me. We heard not a peep from the zoo (our kids) next door, so, presumably, they slept like sweet baby cubs.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

If you want a big breakfast, grab a Texas-sized veggie-packed omelet from Blake’s Bistro. If you’re more of a coffee and scone type of morning nosher, grab those (or croissant, tea, etc) at Cup + Cone. My children will eat nothing but sugary cereal for breakfast, so I’ve learned to just roll with it, pack the Cocoa Puffs, and keep the peace. It gave me calm morning time to sit on the balcony, listen to the waves, and sip an oat milk latte from Cup + Cone.

Before you leave The San Luis Resort and Spa, grab a souvenir you will actually use. Aqua features one-of-a-kind designer accessories, swimwear, athleisure, and resort wear for women. Style & Trend boasts a collection of high-end apparel and accessories for the whole family.

Photo courtesy of Landry’s, Inc.

On our reluctant way out, we played nostalgic yard games, like tetherball, badminton, pingpong, and hula-hooping on the lawn. We hated to have to leave this family-friendly gem on the Texas Gulf Coast, but we will be back. And we hope you’ll join us next time!

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,Brook Benten, M.Ed. is a fitness professional in Austin, TX. Follow her on social media, and expect: fit/travel inspo on Instagram, family photos on Facebook, improperly hashtagging on Twitter, and applauding boss babe career achievements on LinkedIn.


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