Podcast Episode 13 – Ambition (walk at 132 steps/min)

In the finale episode of season one, I lay my ambitious stories out there as if I have no shame.

This episode was saved for last, because the best is in the hustle. The hustle is where the fun is. When you’ve lost the motivation to do that, you’ve lost everything.

I often say, “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.”

As the final story in this episode, I reveal from whom I learned to be ambitious (you’ll learn more about that guy at www.gyrotrips.com). My father and I will inspire you to start opening your own doors, too.

Hustle through 20-minutes on a power walk at 132 steps per minute (4.2 MPH) for an endurance cardio workout while listening to this season finale message.

Here is Episode 13: Ambition, on Apple Podcasts.

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