Podcast Episode 11 – Upper Body Strength

Walk at 4.2 MPH (132 steps per minute) for the first half of this episode. The motivating message to power your walk speaks of the life-changing magic of reframing rejection as redirection.

For the second half of this episode, grab dumbbells (or water bottles, soup cans, tennis ball containers, nut butter jars- use what you’ve got!) and tone your arms, shoulders, and back through three sets of upper body strength exercises.

No previous strength training is required. Although you’ll be able to follow along with audio-only here (or wherever you get podcasts), the strength exercises are much easier to execute with a visual demonstration. You can find that on YouTube here:
Full Episode 11
Strength Portion Only

Exercise is not without risk. To reduce your risk of injury, contact your physician before performing this or any exercise program.

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Here’s a video of the strength-only segment.


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