Podcast Episode 6- Walk, Squat and Lunge

I know so many women who say they’d workout if they had the time, equipment, and knew what to do. Today’s More Than Sweat podcast is 5-minutes of walking, 5-minutes of body weight-only squats, 5-minutes of walking, 5-minutes of body weight-only lunges.
That’s it!

20-minutes. No equipment. I tell you what to do and even though it’s mega-super-whazzawhazza wow effective, it’s suitable for all fitness levels. (I do this stuff for a living, and I’m on day three of soreness from this workout right now!)

It can be done indoors, walking in place, if the heat where you’re at is like 105 (thousand) degrees, as it is in Texas.

The podcast is audio-only. You’d be able to understand what to do just by my verbal cues. But I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner, and I thought maybe you are, too. So I made this YouTube video to guide you through the workout. It’s the audio from the podcast with a visual demonstration.

This podcast leads you through a 5:00 walk at 128 steps-per-minute (a 15:00/mile pace), then 5:00 of body weight-only plié squats, back to 5:00 walk at 128 steps-per-minute, and finishes with 5:00 of body weight-only lunges. Music courtesy of Royalty Free Fitness Music.

Enjoy this Barbie-inspired light but sweaty More Than Sweat episode!
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