BB Well Workout 6: Core

Every T/Th in January, I’m releasing a new workout video, as part of the BB Well Challenge. Here’s today’s: 8-Min Core & Push-Ups.

It’s a little bit double-stated, because push-ups are core. But they’re also chest, shoulders, triceps wonderfulness! If I had to pick only one exercise you do the rest of my life, it would be push-ups. They pack so much goodness in one punch. And they’re bodyweight only! I mean, can it get any better? Actually, yes. We can add variations!

In this workout, we spend 0:30 in a belly-facing-up (supine) core exercise, then 0:30 in a push-up. There are 7 different push-up intensification featured here! Can you hear my excitement from all these exclamation points? (As a writer, I really try to refrain from them. It reads as a scream. But, yeeeee! I am screaming. 7 different push-ups in one workout? Toss in a Paula Abdul 1994 “Get Up and Dance” video and I’m in fitness heaven).

Here are the exercises you’ll experience. But don’t be boring and just read the moves without doing the video. It’s way more fun when we do it together. Plus, I accidentally deleted the finished video when trying to create space on my phone to save it. I spent all morning re-recording the voiceover, cropping out my kids, adding title slates, text, transitions, and music. If not for the love of my fitness instruction, watch the video for the love of the effort. (Very tempting to use another exclamation).

Exercise 1: V-Ups

Exercise 2: Bear Push-Ups

Exercise 3: Pilates Crisscross

Exercise 4: Spider Push-Ups

Exercise 5: Hollow Rock Hold

Exercise 6: Triceps Push-Ups

Exercise 7: Pilates Double Leg Stretch

Exercise 8: Dead Bug

Exercise 9: Dive bomber to 2 Hindu Push-Ups

Exercise 10: Pilates Double Leg Stretch

Exercise 11: Crossover Push-Ups

Exercise 12: Sprinter Sit-Ups

Exercise 13: 3-Point Push-Up with Abduction (R)

Exercise 14: Over-Unders

Exercise 15: 3-Point Push-Up with Abduction (L)

Exercise 16: Pilates Teasers

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