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Price: $300.00
Join this online group to get fit in 2024. The registration fee will gain you access to a private Facebook group, where Brook will guide you through 100 days of Heavy Dumbbell Lifting (10 minutes/day), Endurance Aerobic Activity Outdoors (20 minutes/day), Abstaining from Alcohol, Vegetables Galore (non-starchy vegetables with every meal), Yielding Screen Time (handheld devices are addictive and robbing you of well-being). You will need a set of 8-20 lb. dumbbells, depending on your strength. Brook will give nutrition guidelines, healthy recipes, and zero-proof “mocktails” with little or no added sugar. A Facebook account is required, as that is where the group will be conducted. This program runs from March 18 through June 25, 2024. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive email details.

Terms and Conditions:

This program will spend 100 days repeating workouts that focus on Lower Body (Mondays), Back and Biceps (Tuesdays), HIIT (Wednesdays), Chest and Triceps (Thursdays), Core (Fridays), Recovery-Mobility (weekends). The workouts will be easier to understand and follow with workout video companions. The workout videos will be posted in the private Facebook group. If you do not follow the videos and just go by the written workout, you may misunderstand the routine. For your safety and exercise effectiveness, you are expected to follow along with the respective videos.

The $300.00 enrollment fee is non-refundable. If you choose to drop out of the program at any time, for any reason, you forfeit the fee.

Exercise involves inherent risk. This, or any, fitness program could result in injury. By clicking the boxes below, you assume all risks involved in your participation in this fitness program. You freely choose to participate in the physical exercises, aware that you may get hurt. Neither Brook Benten nor Cardiopump Fitness, LLC, are responsible for injuries you may suffer during or after your participation in HEAVY 100.


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